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Community Supported Agriculture: How It Works

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What can I expect in my share? What does "seasonal vegetables, herbs, and flowers" mean? Check out our harvest schedule for information on the kinds of veggies, quantities, and production months.

When does the season start? Usually the first full week of June.

How long does the harvest season last? We normally harvest for 21 weeks, beginning the first full week of June and ending in the last part of October.

How often do I get a share? Every week – you can choose a Wed/Thurs or Fri/Sat time slot for picking up your share. (Note: Drop site deliveries are on Wednesday only)

Where do I pick up my share?  Most members come to the farm. There are drop sites in Lynnwood and north Seattle.

What are the share pick-up hours? If you choose the Wed/Thurs slot, you can come after 12:00 noon on Wed through Thursday. If you choose the Fri/Sat slot, you can come after 12:00 noon on Friday through Saturday. If you pick up at a drop site, you would pick up your share there on Wednesday after 5:00, or anytime on Thursday.

I have a small family - can I split a share with someone else? Yes. Share partners can alternate weeks of produce pickup. If you don't have a partner, we may be able to match you up with someone. Email us for more information.

How many people does a share feed? It really depends on how many fresh veggies your household consumes on a weekly basis. We have some 2-3 person households that use all of a share, but typically it fits best with a household of 4-6, or two smaller households going together to buy a share. Many members take advantage of the more bountiful harvests during the later part of the season by freezing vegetables in soup stock, or otherwise preserving them for use during the winter.

How do the free U-pick items work? There are lots of herbs (including basil) and greens such as chard, collards, a few different kinds of kale, and mustard greens that members can pick. Again, many members take advantage of this by freezing them for later use. This really increases the value of your share, since, unlike box delivery services, these do not count as an “item” in your share. Members can pick a bouquet of flowers too. Flowers are available from mid-July through September.

Did you look at the harvest schedule? Still have questions? contact us

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