All our tomatoes are early disease resistant varieties and have been trialed in our fields.

We grow all our tomatoes from seed without artificial heat. We use no pesticides, fungicides or growth stimulants. All varieties are Non-GMO. This makes the plants healthier and will acclimate better to life outdoors. Each pot is fertilized with Walt’s Organic Fertilizer (available for purchased at the farm) and we recommend this for all vegetables.

Cherry tomatoes in a container

Planting In Containers?

Any tomato can grow in a container, keep in mind the Indeterminate variety needs a 7-10 gallon container and something to climb on. For smaller 3 or 5 gallon containers, use a Determinate variety.

Indeterminate Types
Cherry Types
Determinate Types

These vining type tomatoes need a 7-10 gallon container and a trellis or other support to climb on.

  • Big Beef
    Popular variety beefsteak type. Very reliable with great flavor. Average size 6-8 oz.
  • Goliath
    Large smooth red tomato. Ripens after Early Girl and Giant. Beefsteak type. Average size 8-10 0z.
  • Jet Setter
    Very vigorous early medium size red. Sub for Early Goliath (no longer available). Average size 6 oz.
  • Early Girl
    Very early regional favorite, appreciated for its reliability and tart flavor. Average size 6 oz.
  • Giant
    Very early large slicer Winner of our employee taste test! Average size 10-12 oz. Highly recommended.
  • Sunny Goliath (not available due to seed shortage)
    Medium size dark yellow slicing tomatoes. Low acid for those who like yellow tomatoes.
  • La Roma
    A very good producer of med to large paste tomatoes. Good disease resistance.
  • Viva Italia Roma
    Our favorite roma type is back! Medium size paste. A little earlier than La Roma, smaller plant.

Try a kaleidoscope of yellow, orange and red cherry tomato plants!

  • Sweet 100
    Clusters of very sweet red cherry tomatoes. A regional favorite for reliability.
  • Sungold
    A flavor champion! Tomatoes ripen to a bright orange and have a unique fruity flavor.
  • Sunsugar
    NEW in 2019 Wow! Indeterminate yellow-orange cherry. Very sweet. Limited quantities.
  • Yellow Pear (not available due to seed shortage)
    Vigorous vine produces clusters of small yellow pear-shaped tomatoes. Mild flavor.
  • Terenzo
    Hanging basket with nasturtiums. Limited quantities. Very early large red cherry tomatoes.
  • Nasturtiums
    Flowers and leaves are edible––delicious and colorful in a salad!

Determinate type tomatoes produce more of a concentrated crop and are suited for pot containers. For best results, use a 5 gallon or larger pot) or plant in the garden. Use cages or short stakes for support.

  • Siletz
    Very early Small plants for pots or garden. Big tomatoes with a beefsteak flavor.
  • Bush Early Girl
    Same great Early Girl taste in a semi-bush form. (Will need some support)
  • Bush Goliath
    Short stout beefsteak type. Good in pots, early. Great taste.
  • Patio Fast (sub for Husky Cherry)
    Short stout plant with a good crop of red cherry tomatoes. Good in pots, early.

  • Husky Cherry (not available)
    Short stout plant with a good crop of red cherry tomatoes. Good in pots, early.
  • Tomatillo
    Toma Verde variety. Med-early variety semi-bush (will need a cage). For best pollination it is recommended to plant two together.