With unclear food supply this summer due to Covid-19, the Root Connection is partnering with current members to set aside 40 Half Shares for families in need.
The farm is up and running out here in the beautiful fertile Sammamish Valley.
The Covid-19 crisis points out the importance of keeping our local food supply viable!
Take a walk through history from June 1984 through the end of 2019 and see just how critical local farms are to our community. Local farms continue to struggle as consumers buy produce from large corporations and the younger generations aren't learning to cook healthy meals.
An early endeavor of its kind in the Pacific Northwest––we began Washington State's first Community Stupported Agriculture (CSA). It was daring faith, no doubt. I [Claire Thomas] had no money, no equipment, and no farming experience––just a half acre on loan and a beat up 1974 Celica.
Preserving our farmland is a must––that is––if we expect to provide healthy food to people for years to come. The Root Connection Farm continues to fight this battle in the Sammamish Valley and encourages other farmers to do the same.
As our food supply becomes more adulterated and poor nutrition from eating junk foods increase––disease abounds. Fed up with this reality, we decided to take action by developing partnerships that supply our crop surplus to those who need it most in our community.